ydbp ui work

We design programs that reflect our goal:
to build competent future leaders with
excellent characters.


This program is aimed to develop beneficiaries to be independent and responsible towards themselves as a student and as an individual. We are encouraging beneficiaries to be able to endure an independent studying experience in university.

We offer scholarship programs in the form of soft loans. Beneficiaries can pay the loan back in the period of 10 years after their graduation (1 year grace period and 9 years instalment) with 0% interest.

The type of soft loan we provide is inclusive of tuition fee per semester paid directly to the faculty based on a certain limit.

Aside from that we also provide soft loan for living allowance amounting Rp 1,000,000 per month.


Leadership Development Programs

We design programs that reflect our goals; to build competent future leaders with excellent characters.
Not only we equip them with theoretical knowledge, we also enrich them with skills and character building
from various trainers and renowned practitioners.
We deliver these programs through five types of activities:


  1. Leadership Development Series
    The objective of these programs is to develop beneficiaries’ characters and managerial skills with gradual phases as follows:

    • Leading Ourselves
    • Leading a Group
    • Leading an Organization
    • Leading Public Opinion
    Leadership Development Series
  2. Study Skills Development
    This program is aimed to equip beneficiaries with number of skills that will help them in their learning process during university year.Type of skills development

    • Presentation Skill
    • How to Boost Memory
    • Speed Reading
    • Writing Skill
    Study Skills Development
  3. Orientation to Professional World
    There are two main objectives of this Orientation to Professional World program. One, to develop beneficiaries’ knowledge about professional world. Two, to evoke and encourage entrepreneurial spirits on beneficiaries.

    Orientation to Professional World


We provide a wide range of seminars with various up-to-date topics covering Ideology, Politics, Economics, Social & Culture, and National Security subjects. The seminars are delivered by competent speakers with excellent track records.

Social Projects

This program is aimed to improve beneficiaries’ managerial and organizational skill. In this program beneficiaries will have the opportunity to practice and implement the knowledge and skills they have studied earlier as well as developing their sensibility towards social environment.

Company Visit

This program is aimed to develop beneficiaries’ knowledge as well as bringing them closer to the real professional world. Beneficiaries are expected to get a clearer idea of how business actually runs. We do company visits to various types of industry.

Value Implementation Programs Through Collective Activities

This program is aimed to enforce virtues and implemented through fun and engaging activities such as Treasure Hunter, Picnic, Book Discussion, Movie Screening, Sports Day, Culture Showcase, Faculty Tour, Plant Your Herbs Trees (Gardening), Games Day, Cooking Contest, et cetera.