Success Story

YDBP’s programs are very useful for our character development.. I feel really fortunate to have joined this foundation, because not only we were aided financially, but we’re also trained mentally and cognitively, which is essential if we want to be strong and excellent future leaders. I now work as a Young Teacher in Ketam Putih, Bengkalis, a very remote location with bad infrastructure and facilities, but thanks to those programs I took at YDBP, I have learnt and led myself not to be weak and selfish.”

Veni Ari Jayanti
Veni Ari Jayanti Batch YDBP UI | Young Teacher at Indonesia Mengajar | Recently Graduated

“I remember one of the early trainings I received was about Self Development where I learnt how to optimize our gifts and talents and leverage it into our lives. I remembered it well because that specific training has made me feel more ready and confident now that I have started my career in Human Resources. This is what I love about YDBP, they don’t just help you with school tuitions, but they ensure they build your characters through interesting programs, sometimes even with renowned guest speakers who share their valuable experiences!”

Anjani MurtiIndra Hapsari
Anjani MurtiIndra Hapsari Batch 4 YDBP UI | Faculty of Psychology 2010 | Recently Graduated

Whilst I’m aware that I can opt for various scholarship programs out there, what made YDBP more attractive to me were their leadership and development programs. Also I think the student loan that I have to pay back should not be seen as a burden, but rather as an investment for my future. Not only I can pay for my tuitions, I can use our monthly allowance to buy extra books for my study. On top of that, we were also invited to join seminars, trainings, and other leadership programs that were very useful. As I said, this is a very good investment for my future and I’m glad I did not miss out on this.”

Winda Luthfita
Winda Luthfita Batch 4 YDBP UI | Faculty of Cultural Science 2010 | Recently Graduated

“As a communication student, I had to present my assignments in front of the class quite often. The extensive trainings I got from YDBP UI enabled me to sharpen my presentation skill. I can also now convey my thoughts and opinions effectively, thanks to the Communications Training. This helps me not only during my studies, but now that I am starting my professional career, as a fresh graduate I feel like I have an added value compared to my peers that did not join YDBP UI. I feel like I am one step ahead. One other thing that I truly felt, YDBP UI did not only come up with interesting development programs, but they whole individuals in the Steering Committee are the true example of what great leaders are, and we really look up to them.

Luthfi Muhammad Hutomi
Luthfi Muhammad Hutomi Batch 4 YDBP UI | Faculty of Social & Political Science 2010 | Recently Graduated