Our Vision

Through social and humanity aspects, Yayasan Daya Bhakti Pendidikan Universitas Indonesia (YDBP UI) is fully committed to support the implementation of Three Dharmas of University, namely:

  1. Education and Teaching
  2. Research and Development
  3. Dedication to Society

Our Mission

In order to support the Three Dharmas of University we commit ourselves into, we thrive to excel by providing:

  1. Student loan for Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral level
  2. Supervision and coaching for potential students
  3. Research funding on social, science, medical, technology, and humanity studies
  4. Trainings, seminars, workshops, and/or other scientific discussions that will benefit beneficiaries in leadership, moral, and intellectuality
  5. Fundraising and fund management programs
  6. Support, participation, and management on education and health related programs